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02nd Aug 2022

Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s new school revealed

Kat O'Connor

Prince George and his little sister start at their new school in September.

The Cambridges are starting a new chapter in Windsor but it is likely going to cost them quite a hefty sum.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are moving their children away from London this summer. The family is moving into the beautiful, four-bedroom Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.

Their new home is a Grade II listed building. It is also located close to Kate’s parents, as well as Queen Elizabeth.

Both Kate and William are excited about the move, which has reportedly been a long time coming.

The family is set to experience plenty of changes, but the main one will be getting Prince George and Princess Charlotte settled in a new school.

The brother and sister will reportedly attend Lambrook School in Berkshire.

Lambrook School costs up to £7,000 per term. It also charges pupils £1, 481 for boarding.

However, it has not yet been confirmed if Prince George and Princess Charlotte will take part in this.

One thing the siblings will be taking part in is Saturday School. The school expects all pupils to attend classes on a Saturday. Saturday school is then followed by an afternoon of sports.

Another thing that drew the Cambridges to the school was the fact that it is a mixed school. It caters to both boys and girls, according to The Mirror.

Many students who attend Lambrook School will later attend Eton.

A source told The Telegraph that the prestigious school is perfect for the royals, especially if they’re working or on royal tours.

“Local parents like the idea of their smalls being able to stay over for a night when necessary.

“It means they can throw dinner parties and have hangovers without having to get the kids to school the next day.”