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11th Sep 2018

Apparently this is what Prince Charles really thinks of Meghan Markle

Rebecca O'Keeffe

meghan markle

Well, now we know.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are extremely popular among the public.

Everything they do, everything they say and everything they wear… we just can’t get enough.

But have you ever wondered about the rest of the royal family?

Do they love Meghan Markle as much as we do?

meghan markle

The short answer is yes. They love her.

A member of the family recently told Vanity Fair that Prince Charles is “closer to Harry than ever” and is forging a “lovely relationship with the duchess”.

They added: “The wedding was a real turning point.”

“Charles showed so much love towards Harry and Meghan, and I think Harry will be eternally grateful to his papa for stepping in and giving Meghan’s hand in marriage.”

“The bond between them is very close.”

Meghan Markle

The source also mentioned that Harry and Meghan went on a summer holiday with Charles this year.

They all spent a week in the Castle of Mey, which is located on Scotland’s north coast.

Great to see everyone getting on well!