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04th May 2014

PICTURE: ARSE! Irish Rugby Players Getting Very Handsy On The Pitch Is A Bit Of An Eye Full

This picture is an eye full...

We’ve heard the rumours that rugby players love nothing more than being in a scrum having their head beside another man’s bum, or if you’re Dave Kearney replace ‘head’ with ‘hand’.

The Cooley lad’s handsy play on the pitch has been highlight thanks to Ulster man, Andrew Trimble.

29-year-old Trimble took to Twitter to call fellow Irish teammate out for crossing the line… of his shorts.

God bless the photographer that managed to capture this action shit shot.

It wasn’t long before the Kearney responded:

Of roses, it still smells of roses.

We must say, this image definitely shows Trimble’s good side.