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13th Nov 2017

Peter Andre included this bizarre addition to a picture of his wife cooking

Like... why?

Jade Hayden

peter andre

What are you trying to say, Peter?

Peter Andre generally seems like a decent lad.

He’s had some banging tunes over the years. He’s been a good dad to his kids. He’s opened up about his mental health issues in the hope of helping others.

See? Decent.

Yesterday, however, Peter shared a photo of his wife, Emily, and included something a little strange in the foreground of the photo.

The Mysterious Girl singer took to Instagram to post a picture of Emily preparing what is undoubtedly going to be a delicious meal.

But on the counter in front of her, Peter appears to have positioned two lemons and a cucumber to make the shape of a penis.

In the post’s caption, he wrote:

“Emily cooking a lovely Sunday roast… I know what you’re thinking… those lemons are far too big.”

We mean, not only were people probably not thinking that, but we just have to ask – why?

Was Peter throwing around some fruit and vegetables, accidentally made them resemble a penis and thought ‘hey, this will make for a gas Insta’?

Did he barge into the kitchen while Emily was trying to cook dead set on creating the fruit and veg member for the purpose of a few likes?

Or maybe Emily re-arranged the fruit herself and Peter’s simply being a nice guy and sharing a photo of her efforts?

Either way, the whole picture is just a bit bizarre.

… And we haven’t even gotten into why in God’s name the couple are including a cucumber in a Sunday roast.