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24th Oct 2018

People can’t get over this bizarre 2005 throwback pic of Katie Price and Peter Andre

Jade Hayden

peter andre

The darkest timeline.

A fair few amount of things happened back in 2005.

Pope John Paul died. London was hit with their worst terrorist attack since World War 2. Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl was the most downloaded song of the year.

Loads of things.

And while all of the above were happening, Katie Price and Peter Andre were married, expecting a baby, and going around the place singing a load of love songs they had recorded together.

A bizarre time, we know.

Even more bizarre still is the way that people – most notably celebrities – used to dress back in the mid-noughties.

It wasn’t all that long ago and yet, boot cut jeans were all the rage, belly tops were a widely-coveted item, and checkered Vans were a must for any wardrobe.

Combine the two of the above and you’ve got the below photograph – the epitome of weird 2005 content that we all absolutely took for granted at the time.

Yeah, we know.

What is happening? So much to consider. So much to see. Where to begin?

Let’s start with the obvious – the baby bump.

Katie , obviously delighted to be expecting her first child with Peter, decided that she wanted to flaunt that fact at the 2005 premier for House of Wax starring Paris Hilton.

Because why not?

She rocked up to the premier in in a sheer crop, a pink sequin wrap and matching headband, and a pair of boot cut jeans.

Peter faired no better opting to wear a beautiful bright blue shirt, the baggiest jeans known to man, and a pair of shoes that makes you want to gauge your eyes out.

The woman’s reaction behind says it all really.

It would be unfair to blame this look on Katie and Peter though.

This is simply how celebs dressed back in 2005. This was how it was done. 

A dark time for all involved.