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31st Mar 2023

Paul O’Grady’s husband shares last photo they took together

Kat O'Connor

Paul O’Grady’s husband has shared the final photo they took together.

The comedian’s husband Andre confirmed the comedian died unexpectedly on Tuesday evening.

Andre is heartbroken following Paul’s untimely death.

Alongside a photo from their last holiday together, Andre opened up about his beloved husband.

He said he has been very touched by the waves of support he has received since Paul passed away.

“In time I hope to write to everyone individually and thank you for all posts, messages, phone calls, emails, cards, and flowers of support. I much appreciate you all taking the time to reach out. I’m so very touched and I’m sure Paul would be too!”

“Browsing for a picture I found the last picture we ever took together. Unbeknownst to us back in January this would be our last ever holiday together.”

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Andre was by Paul O’Grady’s side when he died.

Actress Linda Thorson confirmed Andre was beside Paul O’Grady when he died.

“I can’t believe it. Just to hang up the phone and hours later for someone to die who was so happy. Full of life.

“But he died in his own bed. His husband was there, Andre, who he’s been with for so many years. The most divine man.”

She continued, “He’s only 41, Andre. He will be so bereft. He worshipped Paul.”

Linda said Andre gave a moving speech at his husband’s 60th birthday that showed just how much he loved him.

She told Good Morning Britain that she can’t believe he has passed away.

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