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24th Sep 2023

Paris Fury fears her children will be kidnapped following Netflix series

Paris Fury is constantly worried about her children’s safety.

Millions of viewers tuned in to watch Netflix’s docu-series At Home With the Furys. The show became an instant hit but mum-of-seven and star of the show, Paris Fury is now concerned following the major success.

Paris explained that she is concerned about her children’s safety following the series.

She revealed that she is constantly worried about her children being kidnapped.

She told Fabulous magazine:

“We’re taking into account at the moment that it’s made the kids famous.

“Often, we have to employ bodyguards if we’re together in public. I frequently worry about them being kidnapped.

“Do we want to go down that route, because how can you live a normal life if you have a bodyguard?” she said.

She added, “People knowing who you are and where you live can be hard sometimes.”


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Inviting cameras into their lives and sharing their story with millions on Netflix may have been a difficult decision, but Paris and Tyson have agreed to a second season.

At Home With The Furys is set to return to Netflix for a second installment.

However, filming likely won’t take place for some time because Paris recently gave birth to their seventh child.

Paris and Tyson announced the birth of their baby boy earlier this month.

They confirmed Paris gave birth to a baby boy, but they have not yet revealed the name of their son.