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12th Jul 2023

The original ‘supermodels’ are set to rejoin for a TV show

Four of the original supermodels of the 1990s are set to join forces for a new documentary series.

Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington are set to appear in a new documentary airing on Apple TV+ in September.

The Super Models is said as having “unprecedented access” to the four models and will take viewers behind the scenes of life as a model, including what goes on beyond the catwalk.

The series says it will reveal “how they dominated the elite modelling world while illuminating a bond that single-handedly shifted the power dynamic of an entire industry.”

Apple TV+ released a teaser trailer for the new four part series and announced it would air on September 20th.

The clip shows Campbell, Crawford, Evangelista and Turlington each sitting on white chairs getting ready to be interviewed.

The person behind the camera is then heard asking: “How do you define the word ‘supermodel?'”

The series is directed by Academy Award winner Roger Ross Williams and Larissa Bills and dives back to the 80s when the four models first united.

Coming from different walks of life in different parts of the world, the four had already made a name for themselves as individuals but it wasn’t until they united in New York when they made their names as “as prominent as the designers who styled them.”

Due to this, the models garnered huge celebrity status and became massive personalities in the media.

The series describes itself as “the ultimate story of power and how four women came together to claim it.”