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14th Dec 2021

Opinion: Who cares how many times it took her, fair play to Kim Kardashian for passing the baby bar

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Robert Sr would be so proud.

Kim Kardashian gets slack no matter what she does, people will always have something negative to say about the reality star for simply just existing.

While I can’t say I agree or support her on everything she does, passing the baby bar exam, no matter how many times it took her, deserves every single bit of praise.

Kim is a mum of four, a multi-business owner and going through a very public divorce and somehow found time to knuckle down and pass the baby bar.

Oh, and remember that the world watches her every move under a microscope, so I can’t imagine she had it too easy.

The bar exam, and the baby bar exam, are difficult enough to pass for someone dedicating all their time to studying for it, let alone someone in Kim’s shoes, so hats off to her.

To become an attorney in the USA without going to law school, you need to pass the baby bar within your first year of study and then pass the bar exam after three years.

Kim passed the baby bar after four tries, the fact that she kept trying shows her determination and drive to become a lawyer and follow in her father’s footsteps.

Kim’s dad Robert Kardashian was a well known lawyer, serving on OJ Simpson’s defence team during his 1995 murder trial, which has inspired Kim to pursue a career in criminal justice reform.


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To get there, Kim is in the Law Office study programme which sees attorneys train under the supervision of an experienced lawyer or judge, and California is the only state that both offers this programme and the baby bar.

Kim sat her exam on October 26th, and it was published that only 21% of those who took the exam in June had passed, so this is a big deal for the reality star.

Clearly, the baby bar exam isn’t easy so Kim’s achievement should be praised and celebrated, she has done something many of us wouldn’t even dare to.

I said it before, I can’t agree with a lot of her decisions and certain things she has done over the years, but if Kim wants to use her status and fame to do better in the world, we need to applaud her.

It’s not every day someone of this high a celebrity status uses her abilities and name to help others and really make a difference.

Of course, there are tonnes of celebrities that do charity work and speak out about the wrongs of the world, but for Kim to take it to the next level and actually fight for people in need first-hand as an attorney, it’s unseen and unheard of before.

While Kim’s judgement hasn’t always been so clear (remember Kimono?), actions really do speak louder than words, so by her really pushing to make it as a lawyer, she deserves to be commended, despite it taking four tries to get there.