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05th May 2023

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis seek to dismiss lawsuit filed by former nanny

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis seek to dismiss lawsuit filed by former nanny

She first made the claims last year.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are seeking to dismiss a lawsuit brought on by their former nanny against them.

Ericka Genaro is currently suing the couple after she alleged they fired her due to issues with her mental health.

According to court documents filed in Los Angeles back in February, Ericka said she suffered “extreme anxiety” and stress when the couple split in 2020 and her mental health became “debilitating.”

Page Six has now reported that in court documents obtained by the publication, Olivia and Jason are claiming that the wrongful termination lawsuit has been improperly filed in California, when it should have been in New York.

They are now hoping that the lawsuit will be dismissed and the issue can be settled privately.

In a statement, Olivia and Jason said: “It is unfortunate that this private matter continues to play out in the press.

“Our focus has been and will continue to be to steadfastly protect our family in the face of harassment of any kind. We are confident that the evidence brought forward will affirm our position to summarily dismiss this case and bring our family peace.”

Genaro alleged that during conversations with Sudeikis, she felt she was under pressure to “ostensibly pick sides” between the former couple.

“Wilde’s sudden absence from the home had an adverse consequence on its emotional state, including Sudeikis leaning on the presence of (Genaro) for support,” the complaint, obtained by the PA news agency, alleged.

The plaintiff became increasingly anxious and stressed with Sudeikis’s tendency to seemingly require the plaintiff to stay up at night after the kids were put to bed to talk, whereas this dynamic did not occur before Wilde’s absence.

“The subject matter of these late-night conversations with Sudeikis naturally evolved to speaking about Wilde which Plaintiff felt compelled to engage in despite creating extreme anxiety to her as she ostensibly felt she had to ‘pick sides’ between the parents of the children she was ostensibly the primary caretaker.”

It added that her anxiety in the following months continued to “boil up” and had been heavily covered by media amid the couple’s split.

She then later alleged that after telling Sudeikis that she needed three days off on medical leave recommended by a doctor, the actor “terminated her on the spot”.

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