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26th Apr 2022

Olivia Bowen addresses body-shamers during pregnancy

She is highlighting how damaging it can be.

Former Love Island star Olivia Bowen has hit back at body shamers after she was left “shocked” at how many were commenting on her baby bump.

Shocked at how many needed to comment on the size of her bump, the 27 year old took to Instagram to explain the type of messages she was receiving and how she was surprised by the people who think it’s “ok to comment on how big or small” her bump is.

“It’s actually shocking how suddenly a woman is pregnant and it’s then ok to comment on how big or small she is,” Olivia wrote.

“It’s SO weird. I know majority of the time no malice is meant at all and it’s something that is just accepted. I feel like it’s not really anyone’s fault, but when you actually think about it it’s so weird that all of a sudden because you’re pregnant your body is up for discussion and people telling you ‘omg look how big you got’ or ‘wow you’re too small surely?’ is ok?”

Explaining that “bump shaming” can be especially difficult for new mums who are struggling with anxiety or body dysmorphia, she continued: “We can be triggered by words about our bodies.

“I think if you have/had issues with body dysmorphia or your body in general these comments can get to you regardless if they’re about your bump.

“If you’ve struggled with your body image, hearing ‘wow you’re getting big/you’re so small’ will possibly trigger you.

“Also I know so many ladies that suffer with anxiety and health anxiety or even are just anxious about carrying their baby who would worry about being ‘too small’ or ‘too big’.”

Olivia and her husband Alex announced they were expecting their first child earlier this year and the Love Island couple are expecting their arrival in June.