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28th May 2023

Niamh Cullen says she’d ‘burn in flames’ if she got married in a church

Clodagh McKeon

“All my friends got married in churches, I’m all for it but it’s not for me”

Irish fitness and lifestyle influencer Niamh Cullen said that she would “burn up in flames” if she was to ever get married in a church.

Niamh got engaged to her long-time boyfriend Jamie Gill in December.

Speaking on Louise Cooney’s Open Book podcast recently, Niamh opened up about her wedding plans.

She said herself and Jamie are planning to tie the knot next year and it clearly won’t be in a church.

On the episode she recalled how Jamie told his parents that they’d be having a traditional church wedding but Niamh put a stop to that idea pretty quick.

She told Louise: “I looked at him and I was like ‘What? Jamie I’m not getting married in a church’.

“I’m not a practising Catholic, I’m sorry, like all my friends got married in churches, I’m all for it but it’s not for me.”

She shared how her fiancé’s dad was staring at her from the corner of his eye and was shocked at her statement.

Niamh said: “I was like ‘I’ll burn up in flames in that church, if I’m at the altar I’ll catch smoke!’

“So, if I’m getting married in a church you’re going to have a bucket of water ready.”

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Niamh kind of saw the proposal coming..

Niamh also revealed that she’d love to get married abroad but it’d be no sooner than the end of next year.

She said they want a house too and so when and where the wedding is will depend on finances.

The influencer also shared how she was a little suspicious of Jamie and had a feeling he was going to propose.

She said he was “acting a little bit funny that week”.

Niamh told Louise that Jamie had a major part to play in why she opened up to her online followers about her mental health.

She said he wanted her to be honest with her fans so it would take a weight off her chest and so they would have a “clean slate”.

She said: “Jamie was like ‘You should go on Instagram and address a few things, tell people why you’ve been upset and sad’.

“He wanted a clean slate so when we woke the day after the proposal, he was so cute.”


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