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23rd Sep 2017

Nadine Coyle shared a passport meme and the internet can’t cope

"Makin' me a Gemini."

Ah, stop.

Nadine Coyle is iconic for a lot of reasons.

She’s got a fab voice. She stunning. She was in Girls Aloud for many, many years.

But there’s another thing that makes Nadine Coyle a true icon and that is the fact that she lied about her age on Pop Stars in front of millions of people and thought she wouldn’t get caught out.

For those of you who don’t remember (what is wrong with you?), here’s a video of the moment.

“Makin’ me a Gemini” is right, Nadine.

As we all know, Nadine said she could not find her passport when asked to prove how old she was.

She was then barred from going any further in the competition meaning that she didn’t get to become a member of Six, which was a true tragedy for all involved.

Nadine then of course applied for the show afterwards when she was old enough, got into Girls Aloud, and the rest is history.

The internet, however, has been unable to let go of Nadine’s iconic lie.

So when the star actually went and shared a meme of the whole debacle on Twitter, people couldn’t contain their excitement.

A combination of Taylor Swift’s new song and her own unforgettable Pop Stars moment, the meme is an instant classic.

Twitter thought so too.

“I just love her so much,” wrote one user.

“The hero we deserve,” said another.

It remains to be seen whether Nadine is going to continue to supply us with great memes, or if her social media will just go back to updates about her life and new album which is due out soon.

We hope it’s the former.