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18th Sep 2023

More women come forward as Russell Brand is accused of rape and sexual assault

Jody Coffey

Brand has denied the allegations.

Russell Brand is facing a fresh set of allegations just days after he was accused of rape, sexual assaults, and emotional abuse between 2006 and 2013.

Four women, as part of an investigation by The Times, The Sunday Times, and Channel 4 Dispatches, told their story and detailed Brand’s lewd treatment of women, something which the comedian ‘refutes.’

Since the publication of the investigation, The Times has reported that they have been contacted by ‘several women’ with allegations against Brand that have not yet been investigated, which the publication intends to ‘rigorously’ check.

The Metropolitan Police, in response to the accusations, have urged all victims of sexual assault to come forward and make contact with the force; however, a spokesperson for the force says they have ‘not received any reports in relation to this.’

“We are aware of media reporting of a series of allegations of sexual assault. At this time, we have not received any reports in relation to this. If anyone believes they have been the victim of a sexual assault, no matter how long ago it happened, we would encourage them to contact police.”

“We spoke with The Sunday Times on Saturday 16 September. We will be making further approaches to The Sunday Times and Channel 4 to ensure that any victims of crime who they have spoken with are aware of how they may report any criminal allegations to police.”

Channel 4 and production company Banijay UK have both launched investigations, and the BBC has said it is ‘urgently looking into the issues raised.’

This prompted the BBC to release a statement:

“The documentary and associated reports contained serious allegations, spanning a number of years.

“Russell Brand worked on BBC radio programmes between 2006 and 2008, and we are urgently looking into the issues raised.”

Comedian Daniel Sloss has also claimed in Channel 4’s Dispatches documentary that female comics would warn each other about Russell Brand and his behaviour; it was something that was openly discussed within the industry, and there were ‘many stories with varying degrees of severity’ about Brand that came from a number of different people in the comedy industry.

Mr. Sloss claims the claims were often spoken about in public, with many comedians aware of his alleged abusive and coercive behaviour, adding that female comedians also spoke of him and warned each other in WhatsApp groups.

“For many, many years, women have been warning each other about Russell.”

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Yesterday, Irish comedian, Joanne McNally, took to her Instagram story to discuss the ongoing allegations against the British comedian and said rumours about Brand and these allegations were one of the first things she learned when she began working in the industry.

“I know that his defence of these accusations is that it’s an attack on his character because he tells people things about mainstream media that mainstream media don’t want us to know, so this is a plot to take him down because he’s like exposing too much.

“Dude, these rumours are going around about him from long before he set up his ‘truth channel’ on YouTube, or whatever he’s doing over there. It was one off the first things I heard when I got into the industry.”

Elon Musk and Andrew Tate were among those appearing to offer Brand support, while Charity Trevi Women has cut ties with the comedian.