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12th Jul 2015

Michelle Keegan Reveals What Moved Her To Tears On Her Wedding Day

It's not what you'd think!

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright got married on May 24th and their big day was definitely one of the most-talked about subjects in celeb land this year.

Like most brides, Michelle was a little emotional on her big day yet it wasn’t the sight of her husband-to-be that her welling up.

According to The Birmingham Mail, Michelle’s wedding flowers had her teary eyed after Urban Design Flowers and Interflora worked together to create a stunning display.

The couple on their dream day…

“She was just absolutely amazed with her flowers, she was in tears,” Urban Design Flowers’ Steve Betts told the publication.

“They’re both lovely people. Mark is a really genuine, down-to-earth guy and it’s the same with Michelle. We met their family and they were the same”.

Speaking about her own bouquet, Michelle said: Because I’m quite small, I didn’t want anything too big and I didn’t want anything too heavy for me to carry as well.

“My dress is not a simple dress, so I didn’t want anything to look too much with it. I wanted a bouquet which was more rounded, easy for me to carry, all white and it would sit well with my whole outfit”.

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