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02nd Apr 2022

“I have a lot of energy to burn”: Michael Bublé on fatherhood, fandoms, and being fire on TikTok

Michael Bublé: the most charismatic man in showbiz.

With a brand new album out and a fourth baby on the way, the Canadian singer is on a buzz from life – and when we chatted to him, there was nothing that could’ve killed his mood.

From the get-go, Bublé was cracking one-liners. Whether it was a subtle mix of classic dad jokes or some that were a little more risqué, he had me laughing nonetheless.

Sitting across from him, it didn’t feel like he was a worldwide superstar, just an old pal I hadn’t seen in a while. There was nothing ‘celebrity’ about him. He was normal, in the best way possible.

Speaking about his new album Higher, on which he worked with legends Willie Nelson and Paul McCartney, Michael said he was like anyone else would be around them –  a fan.

“I just became a bigger fan because of how professional they are and how beautiful they are,” he told Her. “I mean, [they are] incredible people, human beings.”

Michael and wife Luisana revealed last month that they are expecting their fourth child, and while he spent our entire chat cracking jokes, his toned changed when we spoke about his family life and fatherhood. He turned a lot softer, speaking with only love and warmth in his voice.

He said: “It’s hard. It’s hard to be a parent to one. There’s a lot of things. They’re little beautiful, little sweet little potatoes. They need everything from you too. [Having] two, that was shocking for me and my wife, it was much more difficult.

“I found from two to three wasn’t that different than having two, and then three to four won’t be that different either. I’m going to have the greatest hockey team you have ever seen.

“I love it. One day I hope that if you’re up to it and you feel it in your heart, I hope that you get to experience the joy that I do, seeing my world through the eyes of my favourite human beings on the planet. Every day, I just say ‘thank you’ because I got chosen to be their Papi.”

If for some reason you haven’t been so fortunate to have Michael pop up on your TikTok For You Page, just know that in an unexpected twist of events he has taken over – and could easily be one of the funniest on the app.

And the reason he decided to make an account in the first place? His wife. “My wife said to me ‘you should do TikTok because you so funny’ and I said ‘I’m not doing TikTok because I’m and international superstar,'” he said.

Giving his best impression of her, he continued: “She said ‘no Mike seriously, it’s so for you.’ So I did my first one and it was funny and I laughed at it and I was like, you know what, this is something for me.

“I spend my whole life living for my kids and making music for you, and honestly, it’s this one place I just get to laugh and entertain myself. I have a lot of energy to burn, so it’s hilarious.”

Michael Bublé’s latest album Higher is out now. Check out our Getting to Know video with him below: