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06th Sep 2022

Michael Bublé considering “quitting” music to focus on family

Say it ain’t so, Michael?

Michael Bublé is breaking some fans hearts today as he has revealed he is thinking about quitting music for good to be a full time father.

Despite having a hugely successful career, rising to fame in the early 2000s, he now wants to take a step back from his career.

Michael and his wife Luisana Lopilato share four children together, nine year old Noah, six year old Elias, four year old Vida and newborn baby Cielo.

Michael has been a hands on dad as he regularly shares his children’s antics and achievements on social media.

Speaking on the Gaby Roslin Podcast, the singer admitted he was thinking about quitting music as a way of spending more time with his children and that he’s not “loving” his career as much as he once did.

“I’m getting close to thinking maybe I can just go and be a dad,” he revealed.

“I have this picture in my head, of just me in a field with my kids and Ed Sheeran’s kids and we’re just hugging each other and picnicking and getting drunk.”

Micheal also admitted this is not the first time he’s thought about this as the idea came up when his son Noah was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and Michael stepped back from music for two years.

Speaking to earlier this year about his children, his toned changed when we spoke about his family life and fatherhood. He turned a lot softer, speaking with only love and warmth in his voice.

He said: “It’s hard. It’s hard to be a parent to one. There’s a lot of things. They’re little beautiful, little sweet little potatoes. They need everything from you too. [Having] two, that was shocking for me and my wife, it was much more difficult.

“I found from two to three wasn’t that different than having two, and then three to four won’t be that different either. I’m going to have the greatest hockey team you have ever seen.

“I love it. One day I hope that if you’re up to it and you feel it in your heart, I hope that you get to experience the joy that I do, seeing my world through the eyes of my favourite human beings on the planet. Every day, I just say ‘thank you’ because I got chosen to be their Papi.”