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24th Aug 2023

Meghan Markle set to relaunch blog The Tig as PR expert reveals details

Meghan Markle is set to relaunch her lifestyle blog, The Tig – and there are some exciting collaborations coming.

The Duchess of Sussex ran the website right up until she married Prince Harry in 2018.

The site is named after her favourite wine Tignanello and she typically shared her thoughts on feminism, travel, the arts, design and wellness.

She shared anecdotes about her younger years before she shot to international fame and her struggle with “unladylike habits”.

After rumours she was set to work with French fashion designer Dior were put to rest, she is now thought to start working with more mid-level luxury brands instead.

A PR expert has told the Mirror that brands like Jo Malone and Lululemon are on the cards for a collaboration.

PR Strategist & Mentor at PR with Perkes, Laura Perkes, told the publication that Meghan wants to “avoid alienating her audience” and is aiming to work with “female-led brands” on her blog.

“The Tig was an outlet for Meghan to show how she’s just like us. We saw her shopping at local markets, cooking nutritious homemade meals and sharing her beauty and lifestyle must-haves.

“She curated content that was aspirational yet affordable. It made her relatable and likeable, a far cry from what we experienced during her time as a Royal, where she was often photographed wearing designer clothes that her fans could only dream of wearing,” Laura said.

“The affordable luxury vibe that we’re used to will probably continue, to avoid alienating her audience, many of whom will be of a similar age to her, or those who are younger and aspire to be like her.

“Re-igniting The Tig will help Meghan get back the control she craves when it comes to protecting her own brand image. I expect The Tig will include a mixture of traditional content that we’re used to seeing, as well as yummy Mummy lifestyle content, which will naturally attract a different audience.”