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13th Jul 2023

Love Island host Maya Jama gets honest about her relationship with ex-Stormzy

Kat O'Connor

Love Island host Maya Jama has opened up about her relationship with rapper Stormzy.

The couple dated for four years before going their separate ways in 2019.

In an interview with British Vogue, Maya Jama opened up about the significance of their relationship following Brexit.

“None of us really knew the level of importance it held to a certain group of people, us being together.

“We were both super ambitious. We were both from similar upbringings and we were both just little grafters that have made something good of ourselves,” she shared.

She added, “It was lovely when it was lovely, and then you move.”

Maya said that the focus on her love life isn’t easy, but it is something that comes with her role.

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She explained to the publication that she doesn’t put her private life out there, but her job as a TV presenter means people will want to know about her relationship status, it’s just the nature of her career.

The presenter has been linked to a host of famous faces, most recently Leonardo DiCaprio, but she said she tries her best to keep her personal life private.

“I’m not someone that puts all my business out there.”

“I’ve never really offered up my personal life, I’ve just done my job and that’s kind of come with it. So I think I do have a right to keep some bits private,” she said.