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20th Dec 2018

Max Morley addresses rumour that he’s planning to end it with Laura Anderson

Jade Hayden

Max Morley has addressed the rumour that he’s been planning on ending his relationship with Laura Anderson.

The Love Islanders started dating recently after Laura broke up with Paul Knopps, making it official with a few blurry videos of themselves shifting in the back of a taxi.

The pair were said to be “really falling for each other”, however a story that began circulation this morning seemed to suggest different, as it was suggested that Max had only gone on holiday with Laura for the “freebie” and that he didn’t like how many cameras had followed them on the trip.

Max has since addressed the rumour, stating that there’s no truth to it whatsoever and suggested that the whoever tipped The Sun and The Daily Mail off should “go get a life it’s embarrassing.”

He added that the couple wanted to keep their relationship “as private as possible” to stop stories such as the previous being written.

The full statement reads:

“Whoever the person is calling up the Daily Mail or The Sun please go get a life, it’s embarrassing! Just shows how stories can be fake news!

“Me and Laura had a fantastic holiday in Barbados and are very much looking forward to Christmas. We would like to keep our relationship as private as possible, to stop stories like this being written.

“But to clarify me and Laura are good. Merry Christmas.”

This comes after Laura received a DVD of Love Island‘s first season “featuring Max Morley” as a gag gift on the show’s Christmas special.

She was sufficiently embarrassed.