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05th May 2023

Matty Healy’s dad responds to Taylor Swift romance rumours

Fans are in a frenzy over this.

Matty Healy’s dad and Benidorm actor, Tim Healy has commented on the recent rumours that his son and American singer, Taylor Swift are in a relationship.

The pair are suspected to go public with their romance this weekend at the Nissan Stadium in Nashville where Taylor will perform.

It was reported that Matty will fly out to support her in the next phase of her tour.

Swift allegedly split from her long-term boyfriend Joe Alwyn in February after six years together but neither have confirmed or denied the separation.

Now as the entire world population is waiting for an update, Matty’s dad Tim Healy is getting involved.

The Benidorm TV show actor replied to a fans Tweet that read: “The thought of Denise Welch and Tim Healy being in-laws to Taylor Swift is very, very funny.”

Tim replied simply asking: “Why?”

This has sent fans into a frenzy as to what might be going on.

Many asked the actor to elaborate on his tweet, but he hasn’t as of yet.

Earlier this week, it was rumoured that Taylor Swift may be seeing Formula One driver, Fernando Alonso.

He posted a TikTok where he was filmed checking his phone before looking up and winking at the camera.

The video had a sped up version of Taylor’s ‘Karma’ playing in the background which added even more fuel to the fire.

But, all that seemed to be forgotten about as soon as the Matty Healy rumours started.

A source close to Swift told The Sun that Matty and the American icon are “madly in love” and that Taylor wants this relationship to be completely different than her last.

While with Joe, her personal life was very private but it has been reported that Taylor doesn’t want to “hide” this romance from the public.

Credit: Getty Images.

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