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01st Feb 2020

Marian Keyes told a hilarious story about her mother on The Late Late Show

Rudi Kinsella

“I’m sorry mam, I really am!”

Friday night’s episode of The Late Late Show had quite an interesting lineup.

And when we say interesting, we really mean it.

Ryan Tubridy was joined by a group that consisted of Arlene Foster, Johnny Logan, two Holocaust survivors and Marian Keyes.

And unsurprisingly, it was Keyes who had the funniest story of the night.

The massively successful author was talking about her mother’s main criticisms of her work, and how it would always come back to three simple words – “too much riding.”

She spoke about how her mother would have an issue with how sexual her novels can be, before apologising for bringing her up on national television.

“I’m sorry mam, I really am. It’s only to say she’s fabulous. She’s the best person in the world.”

I suppose we’d better say that this video is probably NSFW… Take a look:

Clip via The Late Late Show