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04th Aug 2022

Man involved in Lady Gaga dog-walker robbery jailed for 4 years

He pleaded guilty to armed robbery.

One of the men involved in the armed-robbery of Lady Gaga’s dog-walker Ryan Fischer has been sentenced to four years in prison.

At a court hearing in California, Jaylin Keyshawn White pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery. He had been charged with the crime last April, along with James Howard Jackson and Lafayette Shon Whaley.

During the robbery, a gang of three entered into a struggle with Fischer, who was out walking the pop singer’s three French bulldogs, Koji, Gustave and Miss Asia.

Fischer was subsequently shot and the gang stole Koji and Gustave, while Asia stayed by Fischer’s side.

In the period that followed, Lady Gaga launched an appeal calling for the return of her dogs. The star offered a $500,000 award for their safe return. Mr Fischer sustained chest injuries and a collapsed lung in the ordeal.

In an interview with CBS Mornings last year, Mr Fischer shared his experience of the robbery.

He told Gayle King: “The car came and screeched and it happened … I think I was walking right here, and the car came, just basically in, like at an angle.

“There was no doubt in my head that they were stopping for me.”

He continued: “I had a feeling, when they came up [and] pulled the gun on me that I was going to end up being shot, cause in my mind I was like, ‘There’s no way that I’m not going to fight for these dogs.'”

At the time, he also spoke about the support he received from Lady Gaga.

“She’s been a friend for me and after I was attacked, my family was flown out and I had trauma therapists flown to me and I stayed at her house for months while friends comforted me and security was around me.”