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10th Mar 2018

Lucy Fallon’s gift for her boyfriend before his ‘lads holiday’ is certainly interesting

lucy fallon

Oh, OK.

Most of us have a pretty good idea as to what tends to go down on lads holidays – a lot of drinking, too many Snapbacks, and an abundance of Instagram Stories detailing dodgy nights out in questionable empty clubs.

So, pretty much the exact same thing that goes on on gals holidays.


As a person who has never dated a man who took it upon himself to attend a ‘lads holiday’, I’m not sure what the protocol is.

Do you support them in all of their lad-based holiday endeavours?`

Do you trust them to remain loyal and faithful to you at all times because they are your boyfriend and you love them?

Or do you make them a jumper with your face on it with the words ‘I have a girlfriend x’ printed beneath?

Who can say for sure?

What we do know for sure though is that Coronation Street‘s Lucy Fallon did the latter, took a picture of it, and shared it on Twitter before her fella jetted off on his lads holidays.

(She may have very well done the formers too but we don’t have social media-based confirmation of that yet.)

On one hand, the jumper is gas, a joke, and totally not serious at all.

The ‘x’ at the end of the sentence suggests playfulness, and an assumption that Lucy’s gift is a pisstake rather than a genuine threat to any women who might be eyeing up her fella.

And on the other hand, if any lad bought their girlfriend a similar gift, there’d be uproar because our boyfriends don’t get to dictate what we do on holidays, etc.

That time I wore GR8 earrings on hol

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Either way, Lucy’s gift looks pretty warm which is handy considering boyfriend Tom Leech is going skiing (where it is likely to be pretty cold).

He seemed to enjoy the jumper too, replying to her tweet with some hearts.

Good for him.