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12th Jan 2023

Luca Bish and Paige Thorne give their take on Love Island’s new social media rule

They’ve given their take.

If you haven’t heard the Love Island news yet, buckle in.

This year on the show, the family and friends of the islanders won’t be allowed to post on social media on their behalf in a new way to implement the show’s duty of care.

With reactions to the news coming from every angle, former islanders Luca Bish and Paige Thorne have given their thoughts on this.

And if you remember their comment sections from last year, they had a thing or two to say about the new ban.

Speaking to, Luca joked: “I think it’s mixed, I had promised my sister a Chanel bag for doing it. I think it’s 50/50, my friends said they still didn’t like seeing her get hate on my socials. They’re [trolls] still going to search you on Twitter, they’re still going to search your name on the news, on Google and all that stuff.

“When it comes down to it, you’re never going to escape it. There’s still going to be people out there writing rubbish about you whether your family post a picture or not. You can always turn off comments, it’s easier to say it now.

“It’s not nice but I think you’re never going to escape it. People have got their opinion about you or an agenda, it will flow online, unfortunately.”

Paige then chimed in, adding: “From a family perspective, if they’re not having to post pictures and keep your account interactive, there’s going to be less interaction so there will be less hate, absolutely.

“I think it’s a good idea for the mental health side of it but, like Luca said, it’s not going to completely irradicate trolls and hateful comments but I think it will help and I do think it’s a good idea.”

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