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30th Aug 2018

Love Island’s Samira makes a dig at Frankie Foster after he’s spotted ‘kissing a girl’

He's moving on.

Denise Curtin

The wound is still fresh.

And hearing about what your ex is getting up to in a club less than a month after parting ways is something no girl wants to hear.

Especially when the reason things ended was to do with club misbehaviour. Hmmm.

So… you can imagine how Samira felt when she was told on Twitter this week that her ex and Love Island castmate, Frankie Foster, was spotted kissing a girl in a nightclub by fans.

Quoting the tweet which spilled the news, Samira wrote: “Quick tingz”. Poking a dig at Frankie for moving on fast.

However, Samira then deleted the tweet after a fan commented saying not to let Frankie see that you’re bothered by what he’s doing.


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The tweet has now been removed however, you can still see a screenshot of it here.

The pair split just over three weeks ago when Frankie cheated on the 21-year-old while in a nightclub. Admitting he was wrong andĀ upset over what he did, the star released a statement saying that his actions are not “acceptable” and apologised to his former girlfriend for cheating on her.


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According to OK Online, a spokesperson for Frankie released the below statement shortly after the split and he echoed what Samira had said and also apologised for cheating on her.

“Frankie and Samira have both decided to take a break from their relationship and focus on themselves for now.

“They have decided to remain civil and have some space apart to decide on what they want to do. Frankie wholeheartedly knows that his actions were not acceptable and has apologised to Samira.

“At this moment in time having their own space is most important.”


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Frankie is currently partying in Ibiza, where he was spotted kissing the anonymous girl. The star also never made a comment on Samira’s now-deleted remark.