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06th Jul 2018

Love Island’s Samira is out of luck as Chris Pine has just confirmed new romance


You know Chris Pine the famous Hollywood actor?

Actually, today you’d probably know him more as the “famous Hollywood guy” that Love Island’s Samira had a little “thing” with. And by thing, we mean a heavy club flirt followed by a number swap, a dinner the following day and Chris asking if they could “hang out more” this summer. Oooooh.

But it looks like someone better phone the villa and break the news to Samira that there will be no summer lovin’ with Chris when she leaves the villa as he is officially off the market.

After rumours that he was dating Peaky Blinders star, Annabelle Wallis, it looks like the pair confirmed the speculation this week when they were photographed out and about holding hands.

Speaking on the show, Samira said her short-lived blossing romance with Chris ended the last time he text her saying he was in London and she replied saying she was going on the show to which he then responded saying something like “that’s cool” and according to the star, the convo ended there.

But all is not lost for Samira as the star seemed to have FINALLY found love after four weeks of putting her heart on the line. Yep, it looks like Samira is getting closer and closer with new boy, Frankie, and the spark is certainly there, aww.

Love Island returns to 3e tonight at 9pm.