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02nd Jun 2023

Love Island viewers should ‘expect the unexpected’ in upcoming season

Clodagh McKeon

Maya Jama is set to host her first ever Summer series that’ll air from Monday June 5th.

The tenth season of Love Island is fast approaching and its creative director said viewers should “expect the unexpected” and that the show is set to turn on its head.

Speaking at the villa in Majorca, the show’s creative director, Mike Spencer said Love Island fans are not ready for what’s to come.

According to the Independent, he said: “Things won’t be where you originally think they’ll be and there will be new twists and turns along the way.

“I think we’re really trying to keep it fresh and exciting so people don’t know. Especially for the islanders, if you’ve watched the show, historically, you kind of know where things are placed so we want to change it all up.

“We try and freshen up that format every series. This series, we’re kind of turning the show on its head a little bit so you can expect the unexpected.

“Hopefully we just keep people on their toes and you won’t expect it.”

Mike also discussed the allegations of toxic masculinity and the potential of LGBT contestants including throuples joining the cast.

He said: “People labelling situations on a show with severe labels is actually quite dangerous.

“I think we all should be careful how we label situations that we ever take a perspective on because there are situations in real life, day-to-day, where things happen that are really awful and I think a lot of things on this show aren’t that.

“I think if you watch the show from the start to the end, it gives people time to have a journey, to explore relationships and different sides to a relationship.

“Everyone adheres to the code of conduct. If they don’t adhere to the code of conduct, which includes behaviour, we will interfere.”

All previous rules still apply for this upcoming season.

As part of ITV’s duty of care policies, this season’s islanders will undergo video training in a range of different topics including “mutually respectful behaviour in relationships”.

The introduction of this training programme came after thousands of complaints were sent to broadcasting watchdog, Ofcom following last year’s Summer series of Love Island.

Many of those complaints were linked to “alleged misogynistic and bullying behaviour” and “alleged misogyny, emotional abuse and coercive control”.

Therefore, all contestants must complete training in such topics.

Last year, ITV implemented a rule that contestants families cannot post on social media on their behalf. It’s to lower the risk of abuse and trolling.

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