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25th Nov 2018

Love Island stars to get €11 an hour for their latest Christmas project

They're not happy.

Denise Curtin

From brand sponsorships to public appearances, the stars of Love Island have made themselves a pretty penny in the past four months.

But their latest deal is one that’s going down like a led balloon. Returning to ITV to shoot a Christmas reunion, it has been revealed that 19 stars of 2018’s Love Island will be paid £10 (€11.30 approx) an hour for two days work shooting the special.

The reunion will even involve this year’s winners, Jack and Dani, who took home €60,000 when they won the show in late July and now,  they’re too set for a pay drop when they return filming with ITV.

Jack and Dani will be among the faces for the festive two-part series.

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Speaking to the Irish Sun, a source said:

“They have been in uproar over being paid so little for two days’ work. It almost isn’t worth hours of awkward conversation with your ex — which for many of the islanders will be the case now.

“A few have even discussed dropping out to avoid any unnecessary aggravation. The low fees have also upset their agents, who are used to dealing with much bigger contracts.”

Many islanders reportedly admitted that the pay will hardly cover their travelling and overnight expenses in London.

Will Georgia be loyal to the show and make a return?

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However, it appears like the majority have still agreed to take part which will undoubtedly help to keep them relevant and in the public eye.

Caroline Flack is set to return for the festive special while our fave VO guy, Ian Stirling, will be back narrating.

Will we see Gee and Sam face-to-face again? Will all be sweet between Adam and Rosie? Will Jack’s ex make a comeback? All will soon be revealed.