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11th Aug 2021

“Our littlest love”: Aoibhín Garrihy announces the birth of her third daughter

Kat O'Connor

“The happiest, luckiest bunch in the whole world.”

Huge congratulations are in order for Aoibhín Garrihy and her husband who have welcomed their third child together.

The mum gave birth to her baby girl on Monday, August 9.

She confirmed the news by sharing a beautiful photo of her daughter on Instagram and she’s as cute as a button.

“Our littlest love, Isla Burke, who arrived on Monday, making us the happiest, luckiest bunch in the whole world.”

The name Isla is of Spanish, Scottish descent and the original meaning is “island”.

The traditional name has grown in popularity in recent years.

Aoibhín is also a mum to two daughters, 20-month-old Liobhan and 3-year-old Hanorah.

The mum recently opened up about becoming a mum-of-three. Speaking of her daughters, she told The Sun: “I feel very blessed to have them so close in age. I’m one of three and John is one of three so it’s always been the magic number.”

“I had it in my head that if we were lucky enough to have three [we would]. It’s certainly a lot of work but it’s great fun,” the mum added.