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27th Jan 2020

Lewis Capaldi was mistaken for a member of staff at the Grammys last night

Lewis Capaldi


This is honestly just so awkward.

Last night, the 62nd Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles, and it was a star studded affair.

The biggest artists in the world attend the ceremony, including Lewis Capaldi.

However, despite being nominated for the Song of the Year award for his hit single Someone You Loved, there was a bit of a situation.

Lewis shared the fact that he was mistaken for a member of staff during the ceremony, and we can’t help but laugh.

He tweeted:

“A lady at the Grammys has just come up and offered to take my seat because she thought I was one of the people who sits in the chairs to fill them when someone gets up to use the bathroom.”


Speaking about his nomination to US entertainment show Access, Lewis said:

“If I could describe it, it’s like … imagine, right, eating a whole chicken parm.”

“Imagine eating a whole chicken parmesan. Lying down. What’s on TV? Game Of Thrones. Before it was finished.”

“You’re lying there. Your belly’s bloated. The TV’s on. And you’re thinking ‘You know what? This is the life.’”

“You’re not thinking about going to the bathroom later – which will not be pretty after the chicken parm – but you’re lying there and thinking ‘You know what, this is it’.”

“And that’s how I feel. I feel like a big bloated boy watching Game Of Thrones.

“But bloated with love. Not chicken parm. You know what I’m saying?”

Sadly, our darling Lewis Capaldi lost out in his category to Billie Eilish, who scooped all the major prizes on the night.