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23rd Oct 2022

Lauren Graham reveals she would love to return to Gilmore Girls

Time to go back to Stars Hollow.

Lauren Graham is open to returning to Gilmore Girls.

Despite the backlash over the Netflix revival Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (sometimes I pretend it just never happened) Graham said she’d happily return to the show.

The actress played Lorelai Gilmore on all seven seasons of the hit series.

The original series may have ended in 2007, but Gilmore Girls is as popular as ever. The show’s popularity spiraled after it was added to the streaming service Netflix, where a new audience was introduced to all things Stars Hollow for the first time.

However, many of us were left disappointed when a revival was finally released. As wonderful as it was to go back to the cozy, fairy-light-filled town, there was just something missing. The revival simply didn’t have the same magic as the original Gilmore Girls.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll say no to another reboot.

Lauren Graham recently admitted she’d love to reprise her role as Lorelai.

She told Extra;

“It’s such an important piece of my life, of my work, of my friendships. It just means so much to me that I don’t know if it’s better to keep it going or leave it where it is because people are still rewatching the original.

“There’s even gonna be another generation of people who have expectations…”

“It means so much to me that people continue to be so devoted and kind about it and to find joy in that… I feel so thankful, so I don’t know what its future is.”

The actress admitted she would return “in a heartbeat” if the script was right.

“I never say never,” she added.

Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman Palladino is set to finish working on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel very soon, which leaves her schedule clear for another Gilmore Girls series.

Would you watch another GG revival? Or should we stick to re-watching old episodes for the foreseeable?