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19th Feb 2022

Late Late Show fans in bits as Leona Maguire roasts Niall Horan’s golfing skills

Ellen Fitzpatrick

She’s gas.

Leona Maguire made an appearance on last night’s Late Late Show and had viewers in stitches when she began launching into Niall Horan’s golf skills.

Not even there to defend himself, Niall had to cancel his appearance on the show after he became ill on a flight to LA, where he was due to appear on the show via satellite.

Only coming off of her first-ever LPGA Tour win, the Cavan native sat down to chat all about her latest success, saying: “It’s a bit of a blur. You dream about that moment. I’ve hit thousands of putts thinking this is to win an LPGA event or to win a playoff or a major.”

Niall was also set to appear on the show to talk about Leona’s success, as she runs golf management company Modest to which she is signed to.

Speaking about the man himself, Ryan asked Leona about Niall’s golfing skills, to which she jokingly replied: “He’s good for what he needs to be.”

She had the audience in stitches before adding that Niall is no amateur when it comes to the sport and has managed to get his score down to a 7 or 8 handicap, saying he is “golf mad”.

Joking later on Twitter, the golf star reshared the clip of her saying all this and wrote: “He’s a better golfer than I am singer, that’s for sure @NiallOffical.”

And the world of Twitter couldn’t get enough of their banter, with fans giggling at her comments and tweet.

One replied, saying: “Well we won’t know till we hear you…”

Another said: “Good cover tweet Leona great interview.”

A third said: “This is too funny! I’d say Niall can’t defend himself since he’s not well, but I have a feeling he’d agree with Leona anyway.”

A fourth added: “Congratulations @leona_maguire many years of hard work. Brilliant interview on the late late. Keep it rolling!”