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15th Jul 2019

Kylie Jenner just posted a naked snap on Instagram, and people are NOT happy

kylie jenner

*FIRE EMOJI x 1000*

Okay so you’ve probably been stalking Kylie Jenner’s Instagram for the last few days.

We haven’t been able to look away.

The billionaire has taken her closest pals away to celebrate the launch of her skincare range, Kylie Skin.

And needless to say, no expense has been paid.

The group of gals flew on a branded private jet to a so-far undisclosed, tropical location.

Everything so far has been pink and fabulous – with matching outfits, goodie bags and donut walls galore.

And the content has been absolute fire, with countless dreamy pictures to stalk.

But one stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Yesterday, Kylie Jenner posted a naked picture of herself on Instagram, and sweet mother she looks amazing.

The tasteful snap sees Kylie crossing her legs, and covering anything that would result in the picture being taken down.


The only item of clothing involved in the unreal picture? A massive woven straw hat.

Kylie captioned the snap: “vacation mode” – and the reaction has been intense.


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vacation mode

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The picture, which has been up for less than 24 hours, is nearing 10 million likes already – whopper.

There are also thousands of comments from fans, with a mixed reaction to the snap.

Some are admiring Kylie for looking amazing, applauding her.

A commenter wrote:

“She has a baby and looks like a goddess…I have babies and I look like someone’s before picture for full body reconstruction.”

However, some people are calling her naked snap out for being inappropriate.

In response to the picture, one follower said:

“You are beautiful. I honestly wish you and your sisters would post more honest, unfiltered pictures. Women and young girls look to you as a role model and its very unrealistic to think that every day people can look this good.”

Another said:

“What an example to her daughter. I love you Kylie but this is not right by the way it’s your life.”

I don’t know guys, she looks great, and so what?

We say do your thing Kylie!