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15th Jun 2023

Kourtney Kardashian breaks down and accuses sister Kim of choosing “business over family”

Kourtney said Kim’s collection “copied” her wedding

It’s no secret that Kim and Kourtney Kardashian often butt heads, but over the past couple of years things seem to have gotten worse.

In the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kourtney accuses Kim of “only seeing dollar sings” and choosing “business over family”.

The feud stems from Kim’s collaboration with Dolce and Gabbana. The designer dressed Kourtney, her husband Travis and the entire guest list for her wedding which really delivered a gothic theme.

However, just a few short months after the wedding, SKIMS founder Kim partnered with Dolce for Milan Fashion Week and Kourtney was less than impressed.

She accused Kim of choosing business over family and said Kim’s collection “copied” her wedding.

Throughout the third season of The Kardashians, viewers see the progression of this collaboration and Kim seemed very nervous about what her older sister would say about it.

She said: “I want to be respectful for Kourtney and this journey. I didn’t want to do any of her looks even if I loved them.”

While discussing the drama on camera, Kourtney said Kim used her wedding as a “business deal” and she felt her sister didn’t care about how the situation made her feel.

Kourtney revealed that Kim only spoke to her about the deal after it was confirmed and was very angry that she didn’t ask permission beforehand.

“She sees it for the dollar signs”

On the most recent episode of the reality show, Kourtney broke down in tears and said: “There’s an abundance of opportunities.

“It’s not about business and there’s so much, it takes precedence over hurting your sister. It’s legit copying my wedding.”

Kendall Jenner gets involved in the drama as she is seen speaking and agreeing with Kourtney.

“She sees everything that I had there and takes it for her own and she doesn’t even see it, she sees it for the dollar signs.”

“If I did it to Kim, she would freak out. To me, it was more personal, I think that’s why it hurts my feelings because it was my actual wedding — the year your sister got married, you then made a deal to do this fashion show.

“Don’t do it the same year that comes out four months later. It’s not like I did their campaign, and then she did the campaign right after.

“Like, who cares? It’s business, it’s my actual wedding and that wasn’t a business deal for me. I did it because it felt really personal.”

The Kardashian fans should expect another explosive episode next week.


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