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21st Mar 2024

Kourtney Kardashian worried about Scott Disick amid Ozempic concerns

Kat O'Connor

Kourtney is worried about Scott Disick after photos of the reality star emerged

Photos of Scott Disick have been raising concerns online and his ex-partner, Kourtney Kardashian is echoing fans’ concerns.

Fans feared the reality star was taking drugs or ill, but sources have confirmed he has been using Ozempic in a bid to lose weight.

Following Kourtney’s marriage to Travis Barker, Disick reportedly leaned on food as a comfort.

He has since started using Ozempic to help him lose weight, but his family believe he’s gone too far.

An insider told The Daily Mail: “Kourtney is of course concerned because he is the father of her children.”

His loved ones are worried about Disick but they are also using the weight loss drug so staging an intervention would be somewhat hypocritical.

“After the photos emerged, people close to Scott realized how dire the situation is – but they’re struggling with an intervention as so many around him take the drug too. It would be like the pot calling the kettle black,” the insider told the publication.

The insider also stressed that Disick has not relapsed and isn’t taking hardcore drugs. They confirmed that Kourtney would not allow him to have such a healthy relationship with their three children if he was using again.

They continued: “Scott started taking Ozempic because he had serious issues with his weight gain.”

The insider said Disick took the easy way out by taking Ozempic but fear he has taken it too far.

He has lost such a significant amount of weight that his loved ones are now worried about him.

Despite their concerns, his inner circle knows that he will overcome the current issue.