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26th Sep 2023

Kelsey Parker defends herself after revealing she has a new boyfriend

Kat O'Connor

Kelsey Parker stood up to nasty trolls calling out her new relationship.

Kelsey Parker has been forced to defend herself after revealing she has a new boyfriend. She made her new relationship public over the weekend, but the mum-of-two has been dealing with trolls ever since.

She said that seeing someone new doesn’t erase the love she had for her husband Tom Parker.

Kelsey strongly stood up to the trolls who were criticising her new relationship on Instagram.

The mum-of-two said: “For anyone who thinks my new relationship is in any way a reflection of how I felt about Tom know that is not the case.”

Kelsey explained that she will always love Tom, no matter what, but said the love and support of her boyfriend Sean is getting her through the painful days.


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“Tom will always be the love of my life and if I could choose I’d choose him and the life we were building together. But someone somewhere had other plans and I just needed to get through the long days.”

Kelsey praised her new partner and said he has been so understanding and caring since they got together.

Kelsey explained that Sean is there to make her laugh and to make her feel warm, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

She stressed that Tom Parker will always be the love of her life.

Kelsey added: “He is helping me with the kids at times when I’d otherwise be alone.”

“I don’t know why people find our relationship hard to understand,” she added.

Kelsey and Tom were married since 2018. They shared two children, a daughter Aurelia, and a son Bodhi. They remained together until Tom tragically died from a brain tumour in March 2022.