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26th Feb 2024

Katja Mia’s response to online hate should be a lesson for us all

Jody Coffey

Katja Mia

Katja Mia has achieved so much in the last year

Katja Mia has opened up about receiving online hate, despite having an extremely successful year.

The TV personality was announced as co-host of the Six O’Clock Show in November 2023 and is currently taking part on Dancing With The Stars.

Katja and her dance partner, Ervinas Merfeldas, have been thriving while competing in the reality dance show, which has unfortunately, spurred on more hateful messages toward the broadcaster.

Instead of her TV presence generating more praise and celebration of her success, she says it has gone the opposite direction.

“It’s definitely more positive but I do think when you’re under a microscope [and] you’re on the TV six days a week you are going to be subject to more hate,” Katja admitted, per

“People might feel it’s necessary, maybe because you are doing well, to sprinkle a bit of hate in your life but I just take it with a pinch of salt.”

The DWTS contestant believes that social media users may be under the false impression that because she shares her life’s highlights, she has no hardships in her life, which isn’t the case.

“I’m totally aware that by me working on TV and posting all the good stuff of TV and showbiz that people think, ‘there’s nothing else going wrong in her life and I just need to make her sad today.'”

Ultimately, the presenter chooses to remain grateful and rise above the negativity that ‘trolls’ send her way.

This candid omission comes weeks after Katja was, sadly, subjected to a nasty message from a user about her body.

Katja, instead of engaging in a pointless conversation with the user, responded to the nasty message via her story.

“Body shaming is sooooo 2010, I thought we were done with this sh*t lol?…” she wrote on her story.

I thought we were too.

“…Especially disappointing when it comes from another woman… Marie needs to get a life,” the broadcaster adds.

Credit: Katja Mia IG

While Katja didn’t share the user’s profile, sharing the cruel message takes away the shame that ‘Marie’ clearly wanted her to feel about her body and sends a message to other trolls.

However, the user’s message does highlight another issue, a lack of representation for all bodies on TV, which the presenter also expressed concern about.

“Just shows how there is not even enough visibility of naturally curvy women on our television screens,” she wrote.

“Women like Marie are still so uncomfortable and bothered by it, like get a grip! I’m not the regular body type but I still look hot.

“And I’m gonna keep representing for the curvy girlies.”

Credit: Katja Mia IG

As Katja continues to call out hate online, body-shamers and trolls are more likely to stop in their tracks before hitting ‘send’ on a vicious message.

This in itself is positive, even if it is only out of fear of being exposed in front of thousands of social media users.

Instead of trying to put a woman down for her success, let’s celebrate, praise, and be inspired by it.


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