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03rd Mar 2023

Katie Hopkins labels Sam Smith a “dirty, disgusting, chronically ill guy”

Charlie Herbert

Katie Hopkins take a day off challenge…

Katie Hopkins has attacked Sam Smith in a scathing rant, labelling them “dirty and disgusting-looking” and “chronically ill.”

The controversial media personality appeared on the Anything Goes with James English podcast and lambasted the ‘Unholy’ singer.

Sam, 30, identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. In recent weeks they have made headlines for their performance at the Grammy, their bold fashion choice at the Brits and being repeatedly misgendered by members of the media and other celebs.

Now, the singer has caught the attention of Hopkins.

During her appearance on the English’s podcast, Hopkins, 48, said: “There’s one Sam Smith, who looks like an undercooked Greggs sausage roll with nipple tassels on. Anybody, I don’t care if you think your trans or bi or queer or whatever, if you’re morbidly obese go and put some clothes on mate.”

She added: “Put some kit on that because that is beastly. That is a proper dirty, disgusting-looking guy who is chronically now ill. That’s ill.”

Broadcaster James could be hear laughing along during the rant.

Some praised Hopkins for her comments, with one person writing: “I know a lot of people don’t like her but I agree that I think he’s ill.”

Another penned: “Can’t lie she’s use to be off her trolley her but she’s not wrong here,”

Meanwhile a third echoed: “She has a point.”

“Scary that she makes more sense than 80% of ppl,” said a fourth.

Someone else added: “She’s right. [At] least someone is standing up to the woke.”

But not everyone was in agreement with the Hopkins and her controversial comments.

One wrote: “Imagine giving that airtime”.

Another commented: “Shame on you James even talking to her, she just spouts vileness about people, look at her proper beauty queen”.

A third added: “Shows the character of this guy laughing at Katie Hopkins mocking people.”

And someone else observed: “What Sam Smith is doing is triggering all the right people and it’s glorious to watch.”

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