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02nd Feb 2016

Kate Winslet Finally Admits ‘Rose Let Jack Die’

'I think he could have fitted on that bit of door.'

Ellen Tannam

One of the greatest cinematic injustices of our time is the end of Titanic when poor aul Jack is lost to the seas as Rose goes on to live a rich and full life in New York City.

People have argued for YEARS that there was enough room for Leonardo on that plank but the stars of the 1997 blockbuster have stayed quiet. Until now that is.

Kate Winslet appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and made the shocking statement to the show’s host: ‘I think he could have fitted on that bit of door.’


via Tumblr

We’re glad she’s finally acknowledged what cinemagoers have been maintaining is the truth for almost 20 years now, and feel supremely vindicated.

Our exclusive interview with the plank of wood is here.

You can’t just say ‘I’ll never let go’ and then LET GO.

You can watch Winslet’s admission below:

Lead Image and video via Youtube/JimmyKimmelLive