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26th May 2022

Kardashian fans in hysterics after Kim’s vegan advert

Ellen Fitzpatrick

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Kim Kardashian has left fans in hysterics after appearing in a new advert, but there was one odd detail that really seemed to set people off.

The reality star is the new celebrity ambassador for Beyond Meat, and with the ad being a little bit jokey anyway, it was one specific moment that fans just couldn’t cope with.

Kim claims she believes in the Beyond Meat brand so much and for that, she has decided to help them out by using her best asset, her taste.

The ad then shows a montage of Kim standing in front of some of the Beyond Meat food products, looking into the camera, taking selfies and hanging with the chefs.

But no matter how much Kim claimed to love the products and tell us all how delicious they are, fans noticed that she never once actually ate the food.

There were scenes that showed Kim smelling the food and putting her fork into it, but fans have been asking the tough questions, like if she really ever tried it.

After posting the ad to her own Instagram, the comments were instantly full of fans asking the same question.

Ome wrote: “You didn’t even eat the food.”

Another said: “But you didn’t put anything in your mouth…are you really eating this? hahaha.”

A third wrote: “She didn’t even eat the product! This is hilarious.”

A fourth added: “This is beyoooond meat, so good you don’t even have to eat it.”

One scene shows Kim holding up half a burger and chewing, but viewers have pointed out that there was no bite taken out of the burger.

One person said: “She ain’t even eating the food. That hamburger isn’t even bit into.”

Another joked: “I ain’t buying it cause you ain’t really eating it.”

While some were having fun joking about the ad, others were just happy she was promoting a plant based diet, something Kim has been vocal about for a while.

Speaking on her new show The Kardashians, Kim said she eats plant based food 90% of the time.