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17th Dec 2017

Kaia Gerber is dating a new man… and his mum is a famous Eastenders star

You won't BELIEVE who his mum is

What a random couple!

Kaia Gerber is dating reportedly has a new boyfriend… and his mum is of Eastender’s fame.

Yep, Fenton Merkell is the son of Patsy Palmer, who played Biana on Eastenders.

Small world, eh?

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Kaia met Fenton through her mum Cindy Crawford, who became friends with Patsy when she relocated her family to LA after quitting Eastenders in 2014.

A source told The Sun: “Fenton and Kaia have been close pals for a while through their mums’ friendship and in recent months it has grown into something more.

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“It’s very early days but they have grown close and seem very happy together.”

Both Kaia and Fenton have been making waves in the fashion agency, and are linked up to IMG models and Dragonfly Management respectively.