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19th Oct 2016

Stephanie Davis will be raging with Jeremy McConnell’s latest comment


Cathy Donohue

This is turning nasty.

Stephanie Davis has gained quite a large following since her time on Celebrity Big Brother, with fans glued to her pregnancy updates.

Writing her regular blog for OK! Online, which you can read in full here, Steph has shared how her hair fell out a few months back because of stress.

The former Hollyoaks actress wrote:

“I’ve been working hard to repair my hair as when I was ‘blonde Steph’, my hair snapped a lot and it also started to fall out with all the stress I was under”.

However, her former flame and rumoured father of her unborn child, Jeremy McConnell has laughed off this suggestion.

He rubbished the idea that the hair loss could be due to stress and then described Steph’s actions as “attention-seeking”.

Taking to Instagram this evening, he shared a screen grab of an article written on Steph’s hair loss with the caption:

“Aw stop I’m in knots, not cause you dye it white blonde from dark brown, any time I see an attention seeking article that makes me laugh I’m posting it”.

According to reports, Jeremy doesn’t believe he’s the father of Steph’s baby and the whole situation is turning rather messy.