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22nd May 2020

Jedward are self-isolating in LA with Tara Reid, and other things you definitely need to know today

Jade Hayden

Excuse me?

Who are you self isolating with?

Your family? Your fella? Your housemates who you like a normal amount but you are also desperately seeking alternative human contact?

Chances are it’s one of the above, a fairly standard quarantine situation, nothing weird or fantastical to report there.

Well, unless you’re Jedward, that is.

The infamous twins – otherwise known as John and Edward, for the uncultured among us – have been shacked up with Tara Reid in LA this whole time, living their self isolation fantasy amid the glitz and glamor of Hollywoodland.

The Lucan born twins have successfully avoided the doom and gloom of Dublin During Lockdown, and have instead been living with Sharknado’s own Reid for the past two months.

Reid, who is best known for her roles in the aforementioned cult movie as well as the American Pie franchise, revealed this week that she and the twins were quarantining in LA, along with her boyfriend, Nathan Montpetit-Howard.

According to Jedward, the experience has been akin to “Big Brother Coronavirus.” Incredible.

“The other guys I have been in quarantine with are my two best friends who I have grown up with, Jedward,” Reid told Page Six’s We Hear podcast.

“We are all artists. And Jedward, you should see the songs they’re writing right now!”

“They have the guitar in their hands, they’re writing all these songs (…) we’re being entertained and we’re all feeling better about it.

“They have truly made this experience so much better than what it would have been for me.”

Reid did add, however, that she has a pretty small apartment – one that isn’t really even big enough for herself and Nathan, but sure look, what can you do?

“I have a small apartment, it’s not easy,” she said. “You’re always in each other faces.

“We’re trying to make the best of it. We’re doing the best we can.”

Reid and Jedward met during the 2011 instalment of Celebrity Big Brother where they formed an unlikely but entirely wholesome friendship.

The twins said that they have, indeed, been pulling their weight in the apartment and have been cleaning Reid’s windows.

They added that the actor came to stay with them in Dublin a few years back, so really, they were owed one.

“Tara came to Ireland for two months and lived in our house with our granny with our family,” they said.

“We showed her all around Ireland. Our granny thought she was Marilyn Monroe.”

Incredible scenes.