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12th Oct 2017

‘I’ve certainly hit a wall’… James Franco opens up about his midlife crisis

"I’ve been known as a guy that just did a lot of things"

James Franco has announced that he is cutting back on his hectic acting schedule, believing that it has seriously taken its toll on his health.

The actor believes he has focused way too much on being a “workaholic” and now as he is on the cusp of turning 40, he believes it is time to take a step back.

The star of Freaks And Geeks, Pineapple Express, 127 Hours and The Deuce spoke to ES Magazine saying: “I guess it’s called a midlife crisis. I’ve certainly hit a wall this past year. It’s not like I went out and had to buy a Ferrari or anything like that. It was more about re-prioritising and figuring out what was meaningful. I’ve been known as a guy that just did a lot of things.”

The 39-year-old has admitted that in the past he crossed a very thin line between “working hard” and “overdoing it”.

“Workaholicism is a huge thing, and one of the problems is that it’s really hard to see, because hard work is applauded in our culture,” he added.

Now he admits that he wants to focus on exactly what he wants to spend his life doing for him and nobody else. The eldest Franco brother has also admitted that he is making lifestyle changes as well as work changes, deciding to cut his porn habits, he revealed: “I actually do not watch it now”.

Franco currently stars alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal in HBO’s series “The Deuce“.