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11th May 2023

Influencer Lauren Whelan announces split from boyfriend

Kat O'Connor

Lauren Whelan

Influencer Lauren Whelan has confirmed she has broken up with her boyfriend.

She opened up about her recent breakup in a new video where she addressed “the elephant in the room”.

Lauren told her followers that she is currently single after breaking up with her boyfriend Dylan over two weeks ago. The couple were together for over three years before ending things.

She told her followers: “I am now single. I didn’t post my relationship a lot online, so I know probably a lot of people didn’t even know I was in a relationship.”

Lauren explained that she was hesitant to post about the heartbreaking news online, but said she wants to address the situation after rumours started to circulate.

She shared: “I feel like I kind of have to talk about it. Nothing bad happened, nobody cheated – nothing like that.”

The influencer said many people believe something bad has to happen for a relationship to end, but stressed that there is no bad blood between her and Dylan.

“I was with Dylan from 17 years old, I’m 21 now, that’s a lot of growing and maturing that I did in those three and a half years. I am not the same person I was when I was 17 – thank God, because I was a f**king trainwreck.”

Lauren praised her former partner Dylan and said she still has a lot of love for him. She said they are on good terms following their break up.

“I can confidently say I would not be the person I am today without him,” she said.


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Feature Image: Lauren Whelan/Instagram