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15th Jan 2020

People are really not liking the outfit that Holly Willoughby wore this morning

Rebecca O'Keeffe

Holly Willoughby


People have a lot of feelings when it comes to Holly Willoughby.

Some, like ourselves, can’t get enough of her.

She just seems so lovely, and we kind of wish she was in our group of mates.

Plus, we’re a bit obsessed with her style – no matter the occasion, she always looks fabulous.

However, not everyone would tend to agree with this sentiment, and they’re not exactly quiet about it.

In fact, this morning, Holly Willoughby wore an outfit, and people were less than in love.

The presenter rocked a grey pinafore like dress, that received mixed reactions on Instagram.

Holly captioned the snap:

“Morning Wednesday… today’s #hwstyle??‍♀️✨ on @thismorning dress by @cefinnstudio … see you at 10am @itv ❤️”

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Morning Wednesday… today’s #hwstyle??‍♀️✨ on @thismorning dress by @cefinnstudio … see you at 10am @itv ❤️

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And while we think she looked lovely as always, some of her fans really didn’t.

One follower commented under the snap, giving an honest opinion on the outfit.

“Exactly the same as my old school uniform ?”

One fan also wrote: “Eeee I thought you had a school pinafore on!”

Another said:

“Usually like the dresses that Holly wears, she looks great in most things, but this reminds me of my 3 year olds school pinafore. I’d consult the stylist team!”

Okay so we kind of see the similarities between Holly’s look and a school uniform, but is that a bad thing?

Sure look, not every day can be a sell out winner, but we think she looks great!