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04th Jul 2021

Apparently the Playboy mansion is haunted, according to TikTok

Melissa Carton

Seems like there was never a dull moment at the mansion.

Former Playboy Bunny Holly Madison has spoken a lot about her life living at the Playboy mansion over the years.

Madison has been extremely candid about what her daily life was like and her relationship with Hugh Hefner but she has recently started talking about something else….

…the ghosts at the mansion.

Madison has recently shared a video to TikTok describing some of the paranormal experiences she had while living at the Playboy mansion.

She said during one spooky encounter she actually saw a full bodied apparition.

Madison says in the TikTok video that the experience happened not long after she had just moved in;

“Yes the Playboy mansion is haunted.

Not long after I loved in I was working out in the gym and I full on saw a woman come out of the bathroom and just walk across the room and disappear.

And, that was the first thing.”

It’s hard enough to work up the energy to actually go to the gym most days can you imagine if ghosts got thrown into the mix?

Nah it’s grand, I’ll pass on spin class today.


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While it’s not the first time Madison has spoken about ghostly encounters it’s the first time she has gone into detail about supernatural happenings at the Playboy mansion itself and we really need to know more.

Madison says during the short TikTok video that she talks more about the experience on a podcast called Ghost Magnet (which we will absolutely be looking up), but we’re also really hoping that she makes more TikToks about it too.

I don’t know if Madison would ever return to the mansion given her past experiences but if we could get her in there for an episode of Most Haunted or Ghost Adventures that would be amazing.