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06th Mar 2023

“Here we go again” – Molly-Mae is not finding being a mum “particularly easy”

Clodagh McKeon

The first time mum said “new born life is absolutely no joke”.

Molly-Mae welcomed baby girl Bambi into the world six weeks ago today. Since becoming a new mum, she’s admitted it’s no easy task.

The YouTuber opened up on her Instagram stories over the weekend updating her followers on how life has been the past few weeks.

She wrote: “The last two days have been the first time I’ve felt like I’m slightly getting my life back in order.

“Up until this point, I’ve literally just been winging my way through each day and not finding it particularly easy at all to be honest.

“Waking up in the morning and going to bed at night thinking ‘here we go again’. New born life is absolutely no joke.

“So many people said to me, ‘it gets easier’ and I’ve had days where I didn’t really believe them or see how it would get easier. But finally, I’m starting to see that it does.

“We’ve got a little routine in place now and whilst it doesn’t go to plan every day and every night, it’s really helped me feel like I have a slight understanding of how the days and nights might look.

“I just hope this comforts new mums and dads out there that are finding those first few weeks super challenging. I can’t explain how much they took me by surprise.

“But it does gradually get easier day by day. I can’t wait to have a huge catch up with you all on YouTube when I can find the time and feel ready to film a video!

“I miss chatting to you all so much.”

Throughout her pregnancy, Molly spoke about how much she loved her self-care routine so fans are delighted to see that she’s back taking care of herself.

Her 7.4 million Instagram followers and 1.77 million subscribers on YouTube are eagerly watching out for her next video upload.

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