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11th Apr 2022

Greg O’Shea says he was called “full of sh*t” after Love Island win

Sarah McKenna Barry

The Limerick lad said he got death threats coming off the show.

Irish Love Island star has spoken about some of the online hate he received after winning the reality competition show with Amber Gill in 2019.

In an interview with RSVP Live, Greg said that he was trolled for not going down the post Love Island influencer route.

“People started to turn on me when I didn’t stay in London and follow the Love Island path,” he said. “People said I was full of sh*t, I was only after money and I was getting death threats.”

He continued: “But the truth was that I went back to Ireland to earn less than minimum wage and to train. I am happy in myself and I still have all my friends and teammates. I also have an Olympic ring tattooed on my calf that I can look on fondly.”

Last week, Greg dished out some serious Love Island gossip while he was on the Will You Shift my Friend podcast. There, he told hosts Graham O’Toole and Nathan O’Reilly that he actually fancied someone other than Amber when he got into the villa.

“I’ve never come out saying it publicly, but I’ll say it to ye ’cause it’s so far on,” Greg said. “Amber wasn’t set in my sights in the six weeks leading up. The girl that I was set in my sights was Lucie Rose Donlan.

“I knew I’d get on with her because she wasn’t getting on with the other girls in the villa so I knew she was normal.

“She was just like into surfing and fitness and all that kind of stuff… so I was like, ‘Aw, she’s kind of cool.'”

During the interview, Greg also spoke about how it felt to be the only Irish lad on the show.

He said: “I think any Irish guy could go on the show and do what I did, we’re just so normal and contrasting to the English lads.

“But like just waking up in the morning and asking Amber did she want a cup of tea- the English lads wouldn’t do that.”